2021 Upper Deck SP Game Used


The new Game Used SP line is intended to be the higher-end product with almost every single card being a “hit” (autographs, memorabilia, etc). Because of this, each box only has one pack. Inside that pack is about five cards. I’ve seen some with more and some with less.

What: 2021 Upper Deck SP Game Used Live Break

When: Wednesday June 16th at 10pm ET

Where: Live stream at https://youtu.be/THqSdrrvJ44

How: Raffle

  • Send any amount you want on PayPal (Rick@RickRunGood.com) or Venmo (@RickGehman)
  • Each dollar will be one entry – Example: $50 is 50 entries
  • Deadline (No Exceptions): Wednesday June 16th at 9pm ET

The product seems to be of much higher quality from what I’ve seen. There’s an example of a recent break on the right side of this page.

Logistically, I will open all five boxes on stream. After the un-boxing, I will bring the cards back and raffle them off one-by-one. The list of entries will be randomized each time as we did on the last stream. YES, YOU CAN WIN MORE THAN ONCE. Names will not be removed after each card.

My best guess is that ~25 cards will be raffled off with the vast majority being “hits”. Every card, even the base cards, will be raffled and mailed.

Game Used SP Example

Past Rick Stream