Scraping Stats

Step-by-Step Guide To Pulling Stats From (almost) Any Website!

What You’ll Learn


Using Microsoft Power Query & Excel

No need to learn R or Python. Most people don’t realize how robust Power Query can be!


Which Sites Are Good For Scraping?

Some sites are better than others! I’ll provide a resource list but you are not limited by the sites in this course.

Access To Private Slack Channel

Invite to our private Slack Channel so that we can talk through any questions, concerns or comments!

Compile Multiple Seasons At Once

Scraping a page is one thing. Scraping multiple pages at once is another.

Automatic Refreshes

Automatically pull data from the web at the interval of your choosing.

Manipulate The Data

No more “Jackie Bradley” vs. “Jackie Bradley Jr.” – Normalize the data-set for cross-site integration.

Course Curriculum



Welcome! (1:23)

Meeting Google Sheets (3:14)

Why Power Query Is Better! (5:10)


Pulling Data

Finding & Manipulating URLs (13:56)

Scraping a Single Page (4:02)

Acquiring Bulk Player IDs (9:28)

Scraping Multiple Pages at Once (19:19)

Live Leaderboards (4:58)


Manipulating Data

Merging Data (8:21)

Replacing Values (6:52)

Data Manipulation Tips & Tricks (3:04)


Refreshing & Resources

Refreshing Your Data (6:22)

List of Websites You Can Scrape (9:44)

Thank You & Next Steps (1:31)

Hear It From Rick

Build Your Own Databases

This is literally the method I’ve used to build all of my databases. Years ago, I was copy and pasting data off the web each morning and I thought I was a genius. After I learned that Excel’s Power Query could cut down my efforts significantly, my brain exploded.

Step One of Many

My goal for this course is to create a baseline knowledge of the tactics that I use to get data off the internet. The plan is to regularly release more in-depth and specific courses.

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