We have a 9 game late slate today, with a few aces not he bump. Scherzer is priced up at $13,300 in San Francisco. He is perfectly fine, but I will save some money and go to deGrom at $12,000 Jacob deGrom has been lighting opposing teams up this year. A K% of above 31% to both sides of the plate, and the Brewers do strikeout a lot. deGrom has been dominant vs. left handed bats this season, and has truly become an ace.

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So I’m looking to spend down for my SP2 today. One option is Jamie Garcia at $7,600, in Anaheim. The Angels were already a bad offense, now they lose Trout. Not many of these guys hit lefties well, and I’m looking for my SP2 not to suck. Garcia has had back to back good outing and if we get 6 IP and 6Ks and a win, we are dancing. The other guy is Matt Cain. I know it’s gross, but if Harper is suspended, then I’ll give Matt a look. Cain, no worse than 15 points when pitching at home. Obviously a bad matchup and a tournament flier at best.

We have a game in Camden Yards with Tanaka and Gausman on the bump. Tanaka has been getting smashed by righties, giving up a .441 wOBA and close to a .700 slugging. The O’s can throw some righties that mash in Machado, Trumbo, Jones, Castillo and Schoop. On the other side Kevin Gausman hasn’t been good to righties either. He’s not tricking out many hitters, and is given up a .440 wOBA to righties. The Yanks have Sanchez, Judge, Holiday and Castro. Both sides might be popular.

Mike Pelfrey has been dealing his last 2 starts. But, can Mike Pelfrey contain the Red Sox? I hope not, Betts and Bogarts are playing well, and Pelfrey does struggle vs. righties. Only striking out 9% of righties, Pelfrey is missing very few bats. The Sox can get the train running and take Pelfrey out early. Hot take Bogarts and Betts combine for 7 hits and 2HRs. To finish the stack Benintendi and Vasquez are in skid spots as well.