Through the first ten days of the season there are 17 players averaging 40+ DraftKings points per game. Those 17 come in all different shapes and sizes and score in different way. Here’s a look at those guys:


That “Standard Deviation” column is very important because it shows the range of outcomes for a player. The higher the StdDev, the more volatile the player’s score are. You’ll notice that Anthony Davis has a massive StdDev because he’s scored 99.5 and 80.25 while posting games of 28.25 and 29.75. That’s a huge range of outcomes. The “safest” player on the board appears to be Giannis Antetopkounmpo who has scored between 44.5 and 55.25 DraftKings points in all five games this season. He finds consistency in nearly every aspect of his game from minutes played (34, 34, 35, 35 in L4) to shots taken (16,18,18,19 in L4). You know exactly what you’re getting from Giannis who can contribute in all five categories. He earns a date with Sacramento tonight.

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You may be surprised that Danilo Gallinari leads the league in minutes per game, playing 38.3 per contest. He’s the Nuggets second leading scoring (16.8 PPG) behind only Will Barton. Now, Barton injured his ankle and has already been ruled out for this game which means there is a lot of shots, points and usage to be made accounted for. The only problem with Gallinari is that he’s dependent on real points, but he’s going to shoot a ton of threes so he’s even more valuable on site with the three point bonus.

The Spurs could be a total fade tonight against the Clippers. If you want to use historic numbers, here are the 12 best games by Spurs against LAC last season:


As you can see, there’s not much there. One 50 point game by LaMarcus Aldridge which was the only game above 37 DraftKings points that a Spur scored against LAC last season. There is one interesting name on that list and it’s the 31.35 DraftKings points scored by Patty Mills on March 15th. Mills dropped a solid 15-6-6 line in only 23 minutes of action. He will most certainly play more than that tonight with Tony Parker sidelined for the next week. Expect Mills to be a solid, yet popular, value option.

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Bradley Beal exploded last night for 28 points, easily his best game of the season. I expect it to continue rolling tonight as the Wizards will rely heavily on Beal to shoulder the offensive load. Teammate John Wall is going to rest tonight, so all that wonderful usage is up for grabs. Beal is a minutes monster right now, playing 39, 39 and 40 minutes in his last three games. Beal got to the free throw line 14 times last night and while it’s probably not going to happen again tonight, it’s a good sign. Beal is the type of player who’s going to launch a bunch of threes, so give him priority on DraftKings with the 3PT bonus.

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