2020-2021 RunGood One & Done League Rules



The objective of the league is to accrue the most earnings by selecting PGA golfers to compete for you over the season. Each week you will pick one golfer and one alternate. The total official winnings earned by your selected golfer at the end of each tournament will be added to your total season winnings. Total season earnings are used to determine the winners.



You may only use each golfer ONCE for the season. Your choice must be submitted each week before the first round begins. Your selected golfer will earn you the winnings he is awarded at the end of the tournament.

In the event that your chosen golfer does not START the second round, for any reason, you will be scored based on your alternate. Your original pick will be available again for use in another week.

However, if your primary golfer begins the second round and then is removed or removes himself for any reason, you may not use your alternate. If both your primary and alternate golfer fail to start the second round, you will receive zero points but both golfers will go back into your player pool to be used at a different time.

If you choose a primary golfer that you have already used in the season, your alternate golfer will not be used. Your alternate is only in place to defend against a random WD or DQ.



The Season will begin September 10, 2020 with the Safeway Open and end with the Tour Championship. The season will be broken down into (5) different segments for the purpose of scoring. The season schedule will be divided into (4) similarly sized segments based on chronological order. The 5th segment will include the (6) Major Championships & THE PLAYERS CHAMPIONSHIP.

In weeks where there are multiple PGA TOUR sanctioned events, we will only use the primary event. 

At the current moment, we do not know the full extent of the 2020-2021 PGA TOUR Schedule. As soon as the schedule is finalized, the segment list will be available.

Please note that the season will run through the 2021 TOUR Championship. We will used 15% of the “bonus prize money” from the TOUR Championship for your score. That means a $15,000,000 bonus will equate to $2,250,000 in pool earnings.



$100 to register for the season with a limit of one entry. There will be a 4% fee that is paid to LeagueSafe, the escrow site. This is not a fee or vig paid to RickRunGood.com.

The deadline to register is 10pm ET on Friday, September 4, 2020.




Payment will be handled by a third party escrow, LeagueSafe. Use the link on the main page or (this link) https://leaguesafe.com/join/3942083

All payments, including individual segments, will be paid out at the conclusion of the season.

Since we are using LeagueSafe, an escrow service, you may be asked to “validate” the payouts before they are released.



You will be assigned a 5-digit unique “Entry ID” that will be required to make your submission. You will be emailed an entry form each week that pre-populates that Entry ID.

If you choose to make an entry directly on RickRunGood.com/OAD, you will need to submit your pick with your Entry ID.

You must submit your entry by the first scheduled tee time of each event (no change in deadline in the case of a weather delay).

You may change your selection by re-submitting the form before the deadline and only your most recent submission will be considered.

You are solely responsible for making a valid pick each week. If you submit a golfer that you have already used, you will not receive any points for that week.

EXCEPTION: The Zurich Classic is a team event. You will pick one golfer and automatically get access to his partner. If you have already used his partner, you can still get that team. For example: If you’ve already used Rahm but he’s partnered with Palmer, you could choose Palmer and get that team as long as you haven’t used Palmer. You will earn points equal to Palmer’s earnings. BE SURE TO ENTER YOUR PICK FOR A GOLFER YOU HAVE NOT USED (otherwise this is a duplicate pick and you will receive 0 points).

NOTE: The TOUR Championship WILL use the starting strokes


The updated standings will be available on RickRunGood.com/OAD. You will be able to see which golfers you, and others, have already used.



Prizes will be awarded to top performers for the season and in each segment at the conclusion of the season. The number of participants determines the prizes so the payout structure will be announced after registration closes. To view the Payout Structure for this league, go to https://www.rickrungood.com/OAD-Payouts