Run Good Tour

Public & Private Societies for The Golf Club 2019.

Season 2 is Underway!

Current Members For Season 2

Run Good Tour

Available on XBOX & PS4

Open To The Public

Weekly, 4 Round Events

Raw Scoring

Follows PGA TOUR Schedule (Real Courses)

Access to Match Play, Ryder Cup & other events

Run Good Tour (Pro) – Season 2

Cross-Platform for XBOX & PS4

Private Society

No Handicap or Club Restrictions

Raw Scoring, Flighted Competition

24 Event Season (Majors & Championships)

Stat & Standings Tracking

Curated Courses (Best of TGC)

Access to Private Slack Channel for TGC Discussion

Prizes For Winners

$24 Entry - Season 2

Season 2 Schedule

Stats & Rules

In-House Stats & Standings

To ensure accuracy of this custom league, all stats & standings will be handled in-house. Rick will publish stat visualizations including Golfer Profiles, Standings and more. Click here for an example.

Updated Rules

Season 2 will feature flights to ensure competitve results for all players. Handicaps will no longer be enforced or included in any results. Read the full set of rules below…

What You’ll Get

Committed Competition

No matter your skills, having committed competition makes the Tour more fun. You’ll be able to track your stats against your rivals & beat your friends on the leaderboard. 

Realistic Season Schedule

With (3) events weekly, we can complete an entire season in just 8 weeks. This includes (4) Majors, (4) Championships & a Season Finale. Player Stats & Standings will be tracked cross-platform.

Slack Channel Access

No longer will you have trouble finding an opponent online. Use the private Slack Channel to set up matches, share highlights and talk trash!

Frequently Asked Questions

I was in Season 1, do I need to sign up for Season 2?

If you have an active membership to S1 ($12/month) you will be automatically enrolled into S2. You don’t need to sign up again. If you had a S1 membership but cancelled, you would need to sign up for S2.

I'm not very good, will I be crushed in this tour?

Probably not. Honestly, about 80% of the members got this game within the last month or two. We have players across all skillsets. The flight system allows for you to compete, no matter how well you play.

How long do I have to play events? What happens if I miss?

Each event window lasts two or three days. You simply have to complete two rounds within those windows. There is no penalty for missing rounds, you just won’t earn points. I suspect that many golfers will miss some events throughout the season.

There is overlap in the schedule, how will that work?

There are limitations in the game so I needed to get created to make these overlapping schedules work.

On May 4th, the “Run Good Tour Pro” society will switch to S2 and begin with qualifying. The remainder of S1 will be played in the “Run Good Tour Master” society. 

All the same rules will apply, meaning the remainder of S1 Pro will include handicaps, it’ll simply be played in a different online society.

The final 12 events of S1 Pro will be played in the Master society and the Master schedule will pause for those 12 days. The Master season will resume on May 16th to finish that season.

If you plan on finishing S1 of the Pro tour, make sure you are members of BOTH societies (Run Good Tour Pro and Run Good Tour Master).

Since I am pulling all the data/standings off the game, I will still be assigning points and keeping standings in my database.