I need to inform you of major changes that are going to be coming to DFS On Demand. Below I’ll lay out the changes and how they might be impacting you.

DFS On Demand will focus solely on GOLF tools moving forward.

What does this mean?
This means that NBA, MLB and NFL tools will be retired and no longer updated on a daily basis. This simply refers to the daily/weekly tools like the Cheat Sheet, Player Profiles, etc. There will continue to be new and innovative content for all sports that are much “larger projects”. Examples of those would be “How To Create Projections” tutorials, raw data and more.

Why is this happening?
After 4+ years of owning & operating DFSOD, I have realized that this is my next phase. There have been so many different iterations of DFSOD as both myself and industry evolve. Seriously, here’s what the site looked like in May 2015.

This decision has been staring me in the face for awhile now and I’m finally ready to make the leap. This is going to allow me to focus my attention full-time on golf research which is my passion. I’ve been playing less and less lineups of all the other sports and I no longer feel comfortable offering something to my users that I am not using myself. I will strive to be the best at one sport instead of having mediocre offerings for a bunch of different sports. Even if that means less revenue.

Honestly, some of you might only follow me for PGA so this might not impact you at all!

What happens next?
Since NFL is out of season, it will not be re-booted for 2019.
Since NBA is wrapping up, the Cheat Sheet will be updated daily until the end of the playoffs, then retired.
MLB will be updated daily through the end of the season, then retired.

While I will not be updating the tools on a daily basis, there WILL still be resources for MLB, NBA and NFL. Those will be updated Projection Sheets that you will own and manage. You will still be able to obtain the raw data behind a lot of these tools, to be used for your own purposes.

Will PGA be awesome now?
Yes. I mean, I already think it’s awesome but I’ll now have to ability to really upgrade all of the tools. That means you’re going to get more data, more tools, more everything! Some ideas on the docket include Live Leaderboards (with strokes gained), sports betting tools & more.

What are these courses?
If you haven’t noticed, I recently launched my first couple courses ever. This is a natural progression for me and much more valuable to you. I’ll now have the ability to create more courses on ALL SPORTS and strategies. I’d rather spend my time on deep-diving into course topics rather than just refreshing tools every single day.

I’m angry or confused, who do I complain to?
Me! I understand this could be completely different than what you signed up for. My inbox is open, so simply shoot me a note with any questions, concerns or comments. I will make everything right with each and every one of you.

Thanks so much