What’s up guys – Rick here showing you how I build my betting card for golf tournaments. The method I use really focuses on two different factors:

  1. How much I’m willing to wager each week and
  2. The amount that I want to win if I do indeed hit an outright winner.

With those two factors we are going to be able to build a very well balanced betting card for a golf tournament.

I’ve put together a mock betting options list and a betting card on the right hand side.

Click here to view sample betting card and make your own adjustments.

Betting Card Example

As mentioned, you have to figure out two things first.

How much are willing to wager on a weekly basis.

This should be whatever you can afford to lose (let’s endorse and promote responsible gambling here). So for our purposes, we’ll start with a hundred dollars. I’ll willing to wager a hundred dollars on golf outrights every single week.

How much you want to receive as a payout if you do get an outright correct.

This is a little abstract and is something that you might have to tweak over time to see what is comfortable for you. Whatever you choose for this amount is going to determine how much you must wager, and thus how many players or how many golfers you can make bets on over the course of any given week.

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We’ll tinker with the payout as well. If I have it set at $500, that means I’m willing to wager $100 on a weekly basis and any time I get an outright winner I’m going to win $500.With those two things we can start building a betting card.

This is a very simple spreadsheet. All it allows me to do is copy and paste in our options into our betting card and see what the wager would be.


Based on my variables Dustin Johnson at 8:1 odds: to earn me a payout of $500 if he wins, I need to wager $62.50 on him. The shorter the odds are for a golfer the more you’re going to have to wager to get to that $500. For example if I want JT Poston on my betting card, I only need to wager $5 on him to get to my $500 target payout.

When I have my videos where I’m going through my betting card, it’s rare that you’ll see me load up on two guys at the top. For example if I choose Dustin Johnson and Bryson DeChambeau, I need to wager $62.50 on Dustin Johnson and I need to wager $50 on Bryson DeChambeau at 10:1 with a total of $112.50 which is over my $100 limit. (See Below)

Betting Card Example

Conversely, if we only bet one of the top golfers, we can build a much more diverse card and be within the budget, going over by only $0.83. (See below)

Betting Card Example

This method might not work well for everyone, but it is what I am most comfortable with. I can customize it based on my personal risk aversion level and I am challenged to make difficult decisions. To see the best odds and offers available in your state, visit RickRunGood.com/Bets

Good Luck!