Most players realize that they should be using different strategies for the type of contest they are playing. Traditionally, you want to choose safe or guaranteed points in cash games where you will need a much lower score to beat your one opponent or finish in the top half of the field. On the other hand, to win a GPP you will need a lot more points, so it’s in your benefit to choose players who are more volatile (aka risky). They may put up a dud, but when they go nuts you will have a much better chance of winning the GPP. You should be willing to take on greater risk, because of the significantly larger reward.

I created the “Players Scoring Calendar” and one of the best benefits is to see how consistent a player actually is. The “Standard Deviation” column shows just that. The lower the standard deviation, the more consistent a player is on nightly basis. Those players are great cash game options. Players who boast a higher standard deviation are more volatile and suited for GPPs. It’s an excellent tool and I show how to use it below: