New Tools, Shows, Contests & Much More!

Friends, Happy New Year. The game of golf is in excellent hands and 2022 is shaping up to be a really special year. As I continue my never-ending passion for improvements, I’m happy to announce some new items for 2022 that I believe you’ll truly enjoy. I’ve broken them down into a few categories below:

Upgrades To The Data Engine

The golf database has never been larger. It now features:

  • Every Measured Round on the PGA TOUR dating back to 2008
  • Results from every European Tour event for 10 years
  • Results from every Korn Ferry Tour event in its entire existence
  • Results from every Champions Tour event in its entire existence

This is allowing me to create a comprehensive view of every golfer in the field. With the new data, you’ll notice a few updates to the website to begin the year…

Weighted Strokes Gained – This is the next evolution in Strokes Gained metrics. It compares every player in the field and adjusts the Strokes Gained metrics accordingly. Let’s be real, gaining two stokes on the field at the U.S. Open is more impressive than gaining two strokes at the Bermuda Championship. These metrics can be found across the site on various tools.

The new Power Rankings allow you to see hundreds of golfers and how they stack up against one another, for any timeframe that you can imagine. Who’s the best player in the last 24 rounds? How about the last 200? How about the last 1000? This includes starts on all compiled tours and also features the new Weighted Strokes Gained breakdown.

The Golfer Profiles have expanded and now include 3x as much data. Now you can see seasonal stat breakdowns, betting odds & fantasy history, best and worst courses and much more.

The Cheat Sheet is now more interactive and customizable. Quickly choose how many rounds you’d like to use to assess the field and easily see how the field stacks up.

The Custom Model now allows you to integrate Weighted Strokes Gained and DraftKings Points Gained into your calculations. It now saves your progress throughout the week and offers the ability to randomize your results. Finally, swapping golfers from lineups has never been easier.

Found Myself A Scramble Partner

Let’s start with the BIG NEWS! In partnership with Andy Lack, I’ll be launching a brand new show in 2022 called “The Scramble”. It will be a twice-weekly LIVE show that covers news, fantasy, betting and much more. It’ll air every Tuesday & Friday at 12pm ET on the RickRunGood YouTube Channel. Replays will be available and also found on all podcast feeds.

One & Done is NOW LIVEEE!

The RickRunGood “Run & Done” is now live! You have until January 12th, 2022 to enter and all the details can be found here.`

We will compete for cash prizes and the sweetest Golf Championship Belt that I could find.

But wait, there’s more!

I have a few more things in the works but I’m not able to announce them yet. Just know, I will continue to make improvements to and all my content outlets. I’m hoping to play an integral role in the growth of fantasy golf and golf betting. I hope you’ll join me in this journey.