📊 2023 One & Done is NOW LIVE & New Platform!

Every day I get emails that say “are you going to have a One and Done for next season?” and every day I say “yes, but nothing official yet.” — well, now it’s official!

The 2023 One & Done Is Now LIVEEEE
Join: https://fantasygolfchampionships.shgn.com/contest/n0fkj/prizes

The BIG NEWS is that I’ve partnered with Fantasy Golf Championships to host this $100,000 guaranteed league ($100, single entry). That means LIVE SCORING, excellent standings and since it’s connected to SportsHub — the payment processor is built-in.

You guys might know that running the One & Done (affectionally known as the Run & Done) is a logistical nightmare. We were using one site for payments and another for picks which required me to go through and manually check every entry to see if they’ve paid and make sure I had the proper contact information for every person (insane!). This is going to take a huge burden off me but I need your help!

With the way the legalities work with leagues like this, the $100,000 is guaranteed and based on 1,100 entries. If it doesn’t fill, I’m on the hook financially for making up the difference. I would really prefer to not shell out five figures because I was trying to do a good thing! Please join and join quickly so I don’t have to sweat this.

Probably also worth noting that I don’t make any money off this. So when it fills, that “rake” will go to Fantasy Golf Championships for use on their platform, their existing gambling regulation, etc. It’s good for everyone to do it this way as long as we can fill it!

Here’s the prize breakdown for 1,100 entries:


I will also sweeten the pot and add some more stuff for the winner. Last year I sent the winner a custom championship belt (pretty cool) so I’ll do something special this time around as well.

You can find all the rules here : https://fantasygolfchampionships.shgn.com/contest/n0fkj/rules

Please don’t make me regret this! 🤕