I’ve had a love/hate relationship with One & Done Leagues over the past few years. Obviously they are incredibly fun, strategic and one of the most popular (and growing!) aspects of golf fandom.

However — running a OAD League is a disaster. There’s a ton of logistics and legalities in every state (let alone country) are different. Who holds the money? Where do you make picks? Is it legal to have prizes? What about the states that are unregulated? What about our friends outside the United States?

Every year, I try to get closer to a OAD utopia where we can all play in the same spot without me ending up behind bars. For 2024, I’m offering up a brand new, unique experience. Is it perfect? No. But I think it’s going to be really cool, really fun and closer to that utopia than we’ve ever been.

Details Below!

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💥 The 2024 Run & Done

  • Single Entry, Open Globally — Truly a “World Ranking System” for OADs.
  • Register now on RunGoodGolf.com
  • Open to all users worldwide.
  • Compete within divisions and overall
    • With promotion & relegation
  • Full stat tracking, live shot-by-shot event center, profile pages for every user.
    • If you’ve ever participated in a previous Run & Done, I already have your stats!
  • Runs Sony Open to BMW Championship


🛠️ Format (Relegation/Promotion)

You’re placed in a division of 72 users, based on previous Run & Done history (if applicable). You’ll battle for earnings amongst each other and within the larger overall leaderboard.

View Standings Page – https://rungoodgolf.com/rankings/

If you finish inside the Top 18 of your division, you’re promoted to a higher division the following year. If you finish in the Bottom 18 of your division, you’re relegated to a lower division.

🤑 Cost & Prizes

Cost: $39 for 2024 season

If you’re playing on RunGoodGolf strictly for prizes, you may be disappointed. Hosting a site with these capabilities has a cost and there are legal constraints across the globe that I need to comply with. The main point of the site is to be inclusive and to maintain a worldwide OAD ranking system — it is built for entertainment purposes only.

With that being said — each division winner will receive $500 and the overall winner will receive $5,000.

Additionally, there are plans to have various prizes and giveaways throughout the year which will be randomized for all users, not based on current standings.

January: Precision Pro NX9 Slope Rangefinder
February: $250 TravisMathew Gift Card
March: Event Used Pin Flag: 2004 PLAYERS Championship Hole #14
April to August: TBD

(If you are a business and/or have prizes to donate to the community, my emails are open).

Full Rules: https://rungoodgolf.com/rules/

🧑‍🏫 Profiles For Every User

Full stat-tracking will be available for each user. This includes all current/historic picks, podiums and a variety of badges that you can earn by completing accomplishments.

NOTE: If you have played in any of my (4) previous OADs, I’ve already loaded in your data and your profile is live. 😘

View Profile Pages – https://rungoodgolf.com/profiles/

❓ How Do I Sign Up?

Click the button below and get your spot for the 2024 season.

Join The League

🤮 What if I hate this?

I understand that this might not be for everyone and that’s okay! If you’re looking for a regulated, cash prize league, I hope to run one of those as well. It’ll likely be on Splash Sports where we held the NFL Survivor League.

I hope you participate in both! More details to come in following weeks.