See You Next Season!

This tool was put together to help you find players who’s recent performance is exceeding their current price tag. Note: This tool is NOT predictive. It is using each hitters L7 days and how many DraftKings points they’ve scored in that time period. We are using the last seven days because research shows that is a large enough sample size to determine if a player is in a “hot streak”.

The chart is sorted by the “highest value” players. Meaning how valuable that player would be compared to their salary if they had an average L7 game. The value calculation is (Average L7 Game)/(Player Salary/1000). For example, a player who costs $5,000 would need 15 points to reach “3x value” and 20 points to reach “4x value”.

With the usual delay in pricing for MLB, this is a nice tool to see who is red-hot without their salary catching up yet.

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