The Tampa Bay Rays as a team, are on the top of my list of sneaky team stacks today. If you’ve read the Pitchers Preview, you know that I am not high on Wade Miley and think his recent success is “Fools Gold”. The Rays own the 4th best wOBA vs. LHP this season.

Evan Longoria ($3,800) and Logan Forsythe ($3,700) jump out as the top options today for the Rays. Both are reasonably priced and have killed LHP this season. Longoria has feasted to the tune of a .361 average and 7 HRs. Forsythe has not been too shabby himself, hitting .312 with 10 long balls. Both continue to hit the ball well in recent weeks, Forsythe is scolding hot, hitting .375 with 8 XBH while Longoria is a solid .318 hitter with 5 HRs in the L14.

Anytime the Dodgers face a LHP, Scott Van Slyke ($2,800) should be on your radar. He hits LHP at a .280 clip (.243 vs RHP) and has done the majority of his damage off southpaws. He’s swinging it well right now, batting .375 in his platoon opportunities in the L14. Chase Field in Arizona provides a nice boost to hitters, surrendering 14% more doubles, 45% more triples and 9% more HRs than the league average.

Speaking of big ballpark boosts, Alex Gordon ($4,300) is going to get a big one today. Camden Yards surrenders 28% more HRs to LBH than the league average. Gordon is not an overly prolific power hitter, by any means, but that boost going for all Royals hitters which could absolutely benefit the hot-hitting Alex Gordon. Hitting .455 in the L14, the Royals are being very careful with Gordon since his return off the DL. However, with the day off yesterday he should be ready to roll today.

David Ortiz ($4,300) continues his torrid pace and he gets a nice discount since he will have to face Chris Archer today. However, Ortiz has done well versus Archer in his career, hitting .333 (7-21) with 2 HRs off the Rays Ace. Ortiz is scorching right now, hitting .368 with 6 HRs in the L14. A red-hot stud with great career numbers off his opponent and a price discount? Yes, please!

A full slate of MLB action in one of the last weekends of the season. Some interesting plays as value becomes the norm down the stretch. Commentary based on DraftKings strategy.