Note: I am in the process of moving, so creating videos will be difficult over the next few days. I will create text posts instead with my picks for each night. Commentary based on DraftKings strategy and scoring.

Team Stacks:

On the early slate, basically every team is in play, but I am partial to the Boston Red Sox. They are really turning it on here as of late. They’ve scored 36 runs in the last week which is good for 7th in all of baseball. They face off with Matt Moore who has just not been nearly the same pitcher that he was before his injury. Moore’s WHIP is bordering on 2.00 which is not ideal, especially in hitter-friendly Fenway Park.

On the late slate, the New York Yankees are too good to pass up. They are red-hot right now! They own the 3rd best wOBA in L30 AND the 3rd best wOBA vs. LHP this season. Fortunately, they have probably the best lefty matchup they could ask for in John Danks. Danks has the worst xFIP on the board and a whip near 1.50. Danks has allowed 4 or more ER in 7 of his last 12 starts.

Jacoby Ellsbury ($4600) is the guy that really stands out on the Yankees. His speed opens up tremendous upside with runs and stolen bases. He should certinly be hitting at the top of the order and he has owned John Danks in his career. Ellsbury owns a career .471 average with 8 hits in 17 ABs vs. Danks.

Who’s the top Boston target vs. Matt Moore? How about Xander Bogaerts ($3500)? Bogaerts leads all of MLB in hitting vs. LHP with a ridiculous .381 batting average. Not to mention this guy is batting .370 in L14. That’s a killer combination for a multiple position eligible player for only $3500. He should be in every single one of your lineups.

One of the newest Royals jumps off the screen at me and that’s Ben Zobrist ($3900). This guy gets a big boost playing at Rogers Centre which surrenders 20% more HRs to RHB than the average park. Not to mention his gaudy career numbers off Mark Buehrle (12-33, .364).

The best BvP player might be Buster Posey ($4300) who will do his best to spoil Cole Hamels first start as a Texas Ranger. Posey has owned Hamels with a .458 average (11-25) with 3 doubles and a HR in his career off the lefty. What a great ballpark in Texas as well, providing a boost of 13% more runs than the league average.