There’s nobody hotter than the New York Mets right now and I am getting as much exposure as possible. They own the 4th best wOBA in the L7 which is actually down a bit if you extend the sample out. One of the best teams on the planet since the trade deadline. Only the Red Sox have scored more runs this week and the Mets get the beautiful matchup against Williams Perez today. It has been a horrible stretch run for Perez who is sporting an 8.37 (!!) ERA  over his L8 games. He’s surrendered 40 ER and 20 walks in his last 43 innings. Opponents are hitting .333 off him in that extensive sample. The red-hot Mets get one of the worst pitchers in baseball…yes, please!

One man who’s making things GO for the Mets is Curtis Granderson ($4,600). While his average in the L14 is only .268 what’s impressive is his .444 OBP thanks to his twelve walks. This guy is hitting at the top of the order, getting on base and doing it all for the Mets right now. He’s only faced Perez on three occasions but has two hits including a HR off of him.

Anytime you can get Ryan Braun ($5,000) versus a LHP, you should invest. When you get him vs. Jeff Locke, you should be spending out of your shoes to get him. Braun is a career .321 (9-28) off Locke and a career .324 hitter off LHP in general. He’s scorching right now, with a .396 average and six XBHs in his L14 days.

If you haven’t been rostering Buster Posey ($4,100)…WHY NOT?! This guy is hitting .513 in the L14 including 4 XBHs and only 4 SOs. He’s getting his old friend in Ian Kennedy today who he has 17 hits in 43 ABs (.395) off of in his career.

Finally, one of my favorite plays is Jay Bruce ($3,700). A very reasonable price tag for a guy who will get a big time boost from his home park. Great American Ball Park surrenders 24% more HRs to LHB than the league average. Many might shy away from this matchup with Lance Lynn, but Bruce is licking his chops! A career .500 (14-28) hitter with 3 HRs off Lynn.

Take the above studs and sprinkle in a few value plays that are hitting at the top of the order and you should be in business. Commentary based on DraftKings strategy and scoring.