Let’s start with two team stacks that are lefty killers. The Blue Jays and the Rays are #1 and #8 respectively vs. LHP this season. They both get sub-par lefties on the hill today. Let’s start with the Jays. I don’t have to tell you how good they are. They are the best offense in baseball and it’s not close. All their big bats are raking and get to play in the tiny little bandbox that is Fenway Park. They get Henry Owens who has the 2nd worst xFIP on the slate in the L30 and despite his high K rate, he’s walked a ton of batters and is giving up 2.06 HR/9.

The only pitcher with a higher xFIP is Matt Boyd of the Tigers, who will face the Rays tonight. The Rays always fly under the radar and are probably not worth a full six man stack, but having exposure to them is certainly recommended.

One of my favorite Rays is Logan Forsythe ($4,000). Eligible at both 1B and 2B, and scorching in the L14, hitting .346 with 8 XBH. Comerica Park is not as bad of a hitters park for Righties. Offering 4% more doubles, 47% more triples and 5% more HRs than the league average.

If you’re looking for the inexpensive exposure to the Jays, check out Kevin Pillar ($3,500). Really solid contributor in this offense with high upside. Batting .320 in the L14 with 3 HRs. He should be towards the bottom of the lineup, but we’ve often talked about how that doesn’t matter as much with the Jays since he is very likely to get 4 ABs if not more.

Make sure he’s in the lineup, but I like the really cheap price tar on Starlin Castro ($2,700). He wouldn’t need much to pay for himself and he’s produces when he’s played as of late. Hitting .382 in the L14 and has great career numbers (8-17, .471) off Michael Wacha. Really cheap option on a team that’s rolling right now at a thin position!

Really interesting BvP numbers for David Ortiz ($4,300). I am not a huge believer in BvP, but I buy into it more when it’s a drastic pitcher like RA Dickey. Ortiz is not only hitting .361 with 5 HRs in the L14 but he’s 7-20 (.350) off Dickey in his career. I will be firing up Big Papi as much as possible today.

Commentary based on DraftKings strategy and scoring.