One of the safer play on the board is certainly Jake Arrieta ($14,100). He has by far the lowest xFIP and is averaging 33 DK points per game in the L30 days, a full seven points higher than the next pitcher (Derek Holland). This certainly isn’t a great ballpark in Philly, but the Phillies have the 3rd worst wOBA in the L7 and have scored the second fewest runs in that span. Yesterday he was head and shoulders about the rest of the slate. That’s not the case today but still my favorite option to score the most points.

I am also using Dallas Keuchel ($13,400) generously today. He owns the highest K/9 (10.50) on the slate and the second best xFIP behind Arrieta. The matchup is another good one, versus the Angels who rank 21st in wOBA in the L7, but are in the bottom two almost any other way you split the season. They also own the league’s worst batting average vs. LHP this season, setting Keuchel up for a big day. The way the pricing pans out, Keuchel may be underowned and looked over as owners spend up for Arrieta.

I continue to love Steven Matz ($8,400). He continues to impress and had to leave his last start with a blister after 5.1 IP. He had already racked up 6 Ks and 16.1 DK points before leaving. The blister has reportedly healed fine and he’s a “GO!” in this game. Matz has shown tremendous ability in his three starts this season, averaging 23.8 DK points along the way. He faces the woeful Braves tonight who are 29th in wOBA in the L7. I love that he is still designated as “day-to-day” on DraftKings at the time of this writing. That will drive his ownership levels down to the casual owner.

I am not ready to jump on the Wade Miley ($7,400) bandwagon just yet, despite him leading our Pitcher Value Chart. I think it’s been a little bit of “Fools Gold” for Miley who is pitching well above expectation over his L5 starts. The Rays are a tough team to face if you’re a LHP, as they own the league’s 4th best wOBA in that category. Despite how well Miley has been pitching if we still find himself as an underdog to Chris Archer (-150) so the bonus points for the Win might also be out the window.

If you’re looking for a real deep flier, check out Erik Johnson ($4,700). He pitched admirably in his last outing versus the Royals, returning 14.5 DK points in six innings. He’s in a much better matchup this time around versus the Twins who own the 6th highest strikeout rate and the 6th worst wOBA in the L7.

A full slate of MLB action and one of the last weekends of the season. A few big names across the slate. Commentary based on DraftKings strategy and scoring.