Introducing the MLB Player Scoring Calendar! This is something that was a hit during the NBA season, so we brought it back for MLB. It’s a visual representation of the Game Logs Database. It will allow you to easily scroll through and find out which players have been scoring well lately, as opposed to over the course of the entire season. Also, we will be able to find trends like how hot a player is or if he is slumping. This includes both hitters and pitchers for both DraftKings and Fanduel scoring.


L7 and L30: Last seven days and last thirty days
HEAT: How “hot” a player is. His L7/L30 average versus his season average
STD DEV: The mathematical calculation of standard deviation. For fantasy purposes, it’s how spread out his range of outcomes are.

There are two ways to view the Player Calendar:

Browse Online

Excel Download File (Updated through 10/2)