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Steph Curry ($10,100) is going to be widely owned across all formats. While I am usually one to fade a situation like this, I just cannot find a reason to avoid Steph tonight other than hoping he tweaks an ankle in pre-game. He is averaging 59.8 DraftKings points per game this season and having one of the best statistical starts in NBA history. HOU, who has struggled against almost every position this year is going to have their hands full with Curry like las season. The chef dropped 60+ DraftKings points game in two of their 4 meetings last year which would provide a full 6x value tonight.

Jeff Teague ($6,500) continues to be one of the most under-appreciated PGs in the league. He’s averaging 33.9 DraftKings points per game this season, including a massive night last night, earning 26-9-6 for his owners, good for 48.5 DraftKings points. In the big $3 GPP on DraftKings, he was less than 5% owned. On a full slate again tonight, I expect his ownership levels to be dismal, even though Teague will play a ton of minutes and be the mainstay in this Hawks offense. He needs 39 DraftKings points to reach full 6x value and that number is certainly in his range of outcomes.

I need to point out this season’s usage rate leaders. They are Demarcus Cousins, Russell Westbrook, Steph Curry and…. Isaiah Thomas ($6,300). That’s right. Thomas is coming off the bench for BOS and owns a ridiculous 34.1 usage rate this season. He’s shouldering the entire offensive load of the second unit and is finding a way to launch 17 shots a game in just 28 minutes of action. Thomas gets a favorable price discount and the Pacers are on the second night of a back-to-back. Thomas is volatile and makes for a great GPP play but has already scored 39.75 and 45 points in games this season, showing that his ceiling is very high.

If you need value, Matthew Dellavedova ($3,800) is still your guy. His price is creeping up, but his scoring outputs are also trending in the right direction. He’s dropped 28.75 and 30.75 DraftKings points in the last two and gets another favorable matchup with NYK tonight. The injury to JR Smith has opened the door to Dellavedova playing alongside starter Mo Williams, which is a great sign for Delly’s fantasy outlook. He should see plenty of minutes this evening in either a close game or a blowout.

The pain and punishment that Kent Bazemore ($4,200) puts me through each year is unrivaled. Yet, here I am endorsing him again. Bazemore simply provides too much way to be overlooked on most occasions. He is extremely unreliable, but he’s now played 31,28 and 32 minutes in the last three games for the Hawks while scoring plenty of real points (16.3 /gm) and DraftKings points (30.5 / gm) in the process. After a slow start, he’s beginning to find a role in this Hawks offense and with the way he’s been playing, could very easily threaten 6-7x value this evening.

There’s something sneaky that I love about Carmelo Anthony ($8,400) tonight. Anthony has no conscious and doesn’t care how many shot he takes for the Knicks on a nightly basis. He’s fired 19.5 shots per game so far in this young season. If he gets hot like he did against WAS and ATL last week, his output is going to be tremendous. I do like the added narrative of facing off with LeBron tonight. Over the last two seasons, Carmelo has outpaced his season average in almost every game when playing against LeBron. I think Carmelo sees it as an added challenge as has a little chip on his shoulder when playing against James. I hope he has that chip on his shoulder tonight, coming out to launch 25 shots because I will be buying.

You have to continue to buy Evan Fournier ($4,400). He’s now had three monster games in a row at 36.75, 28.75 and 47..25 DraftKings points. He’s feasting on minutes, playing 43 (!!) last night against NO. You’re not going to find another value play or guy under $4,500 who has taken 56 shots int he last three games. His price will not be down here for long, so I am buying while I still can.

Lots to love at the top of the PF position and it starts with Blake Griffin ($9,600). Just a tremendous start to the season, averaging 48.6 DraftKings points per game. Tonight he’s in an excellent matchup with GSW who doesn’t have a big body to bang with Griffin down low and Blake should cause serious matchup issues. This should be a fast-paced, potentially chippy game and it has a massive O/U. Blake has had awesome games versus GSW in his career, including his single highest scoring game last season (70.5) which came at the end of March against the Warriors.

I also LOVE Greg Monroe ($8,100) as a nice pivot off of Griffin.He’s been the top scoring option for MIL so far this season and he is dominating the glass. This matchup with PHI could not be any better. He might give up 20 trying to guard Jahlil Okafor, but there is no Sixer who can possibly defend Monroe. If the Sixers try to use Okafor, they will be in big trouble as “Jah” is one of the worst rated defenders in the league. If they go with length, they could use Nerlens Noel, but Monroe has at least 25 pounds on Noel, which won’t end well either. No matter the situation, I can’t find a scenario where Greg Monroe doesn’t have offensive success tonight.

Nikola Vucevic ($7,700) is athletic enough to benefit from a fast paced game against the Rockets tonight, which not all big men can tout. “Vuc” has scored 42, 46, and 47 DraftKings points in his last three games and should be in line for another big game tonight. The revolving door at Center for the Rockets and absence of Terrance Jones has allowed teams to score 50PPG in the paint versus them this season, the third highest total in the league.

I also like the value of Kosta Koufos ($4,000) at center tonight. With Demarcus Cousins sidelines, he started and played 26 minutes last night racking up 20 DraftKings points. The Kings as a whole played terribly, but were in a tough matchup with Memphis. They travel to Phoenix tonight and are the beneficiaries of a big 207 O/U. If Koufos sees 25+ minutes, he could threaten a small 10-10 double double.

A full slate of Wednesday games which always bring out the biggest prize pools. Commentary based on DraftKings strategy and scoring. Good luck!