The profit share is back! For those of you who are new to the site, I like use a profit share technique to give back to the community and reward Pro Members. On Christmas Day, DraftKings is running a $1 Million Holiday Classic with $100K to first place. I am going to enter a lineup on behalf of the site and will share all the winnings with the Pro Members. The lineup will be posted before the contest starts so that you know exactly which players to support. You can view the Holiday Classic here and if you want to sign up for DraftKings to play it, please use this link where we both will receive $25 DraftKings Dollars.

EDIT: Here’s the lineup for today! If this changes at all before tip-off, I will tweet it, so make sure to follow me on Twitter.

Screenshot 2015-12-24 19.10.29

A quick explanation on why I chose this lineup. With only five games on the slate, I didn’t think there was enough value to roster one of the studs (as much as I like LeBron). With a single-bullet in a big tournament like this, I opted for a more balanced approach with some high upside players. We will likely need 7x value from the entire lineup to win this thing and these are the players I think have the best chance to accomplish that goal. Also note that this is a highly volatile lineup. It’s high risk and high reward. I didn’t build a lineup looking for a min cash. This lineup is built TO WIN! I figured splitting $100K with Pro Members would be much better than splitting $30 🙂

Few other quick notes: I liked using two centers. That tends to be a contrarian strategy in big GPPs, which can set us apart. I felt that Whiteside, Evans and Love were almost “must plays” at their prices. All three have enormous upside and should be under-owned. I think Parker is a solid contributor, in a great matchup and is almost a lock to hit 5x value with a chance at much more. Deng and Ibaka are very risky players but they will log big minutes. They are not the primary scoring options on their team, but can score in many categories. Finally, Shumpert is one of the better values on the board. He’s coming off a season high in minutes which bodes well for his role in the rotation today. He’s not afraid to shoot the ball and if he gets hot…look out!


Am I eligible to win?
Are you a Pro Member? If so, you are eligible to win! If not, you can still sign up here. Even if you start a 7-Day trial before Dec. 25, you will be eligible.

When will the lineup be posted?
With NBA, there may be breaking news right up until tip-off. The lineup will be posted very close to the first game starting, but guaranteed to be before. If there are any late swaps, the site will be notified.

How do you split the winnings?
The method is TBD and depending on the amount won. If we a small amount like $30, I will probably re-invest the money back into other GPPs for the site. If it’s a few thousand, I will launch a freeroll and use the winnings as the prize pool. If it’s a large amount like $100,000, I will just send everyone a check or send it via PayPal. It will be a good problem to figure out!

For live updates about the lineup, be sure to follow me on Twitter!