Now that we have some data to work with, I would like to introduce the NBA Projections! I plan on posting these every day to help you create your lineups. They will be embedded below in a Google Spreadsheet since they will be fluid throughout the day as news and injuries break, If you’d like to make your own projections, I created a How To Video for you.

These projections are very similar to the format you’ll see in that video. What you’ll notice that differs from a lot of other sites is that we are able to calculate the probability of a player scoring 5x, 6x and 7x value for each night. Since we have accumulated so much data, we can use a players consistency rating amongst other factors to assign those milestones a probability. This will come in handy depending on the format of contest that you play. If you are playing in a cash game, you’ll want a player who has a high probability of scoring 5x value. If you are entering GPPs, the players with a better chance to score 6x or more will be more useful.

Downloadable Version (Updated For 4/13)