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Alright, back again for the Millionaire Maker Profit Share. For those of you who are unaware, I submit a lineup each week on behalf of the site. If the lineup profits, I will create a freeroll for Pro Members or if it’s a lot of money (hopefully), find a different way to distribute it. You need to be a Pro Member to be eligible, so you can sign up here for a 30-day Free Trial. Alright let’s do it!

The Week 1 lineup didn’t cash but I was really optimistic with the results. Here’s this weeks lineup:

Screenshot 2015-09-19 18.59.34

EDIT: With the Alshon Jeffery news (he’s out), we had to make some quick pivots. Here is the new lineup  (11:11 am EST):

Screenshot 2015-09-20 07.47.24

We are back on Tony Romo this week and we’ve paired him with Jason Witten. Romo is priced in an area where I think he will be overlooked despite being last week’s third highest scoring QB. Many will opt for Big Ben at $7,200 or spend up for Drew Brees. I will be very interested to see his ownership numbers this week. The matchup is certainly prime with the Philadelphia Eagles. The Cowboys are underdogs in the highest total game on the board, which would indicate a lot of points and a lot of passing opportunities for the Cowboys. With the loss of Dez Bryant, I think Jason Witten is about to turn into a huge weapon for the Romo. Witten should be the guy that moves the ball down field, racking up the targets, catches and yards. Also, he should see the large majority of redzone targets.

I really wanted Mark Ingram here, but I think I found a better combination with Justin Forsett and Carlos Hyde. First, Hyde will be incredibly over-owned but I am fine with that. This is purely an opportunity for volume. I suspect the Niners are going to give the ball to Hyde as often as possible and he will see 20+ touches. I am looking for 20-25 DK points out of him at his price, which I think is certainly possible. Justin Forsett is an attempt to be a little contrarian. He had an absolutely miserable day against the Broncos defense in Week 1, but I believe that many RBs will have difficulty with the stout DEN defense. This week, the Ravens are significant favorites over the Raiders, so game script would indicate a lot of rushes for Forsett. I also expect him to be involved in the pass game and his ownership to completely bottom out.

Alshon Jeffery is another contrarian play that could pay off large. He’s been banged up and many people perceive his matchup with Patrick Peterson to be a bad one. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. PP is exactly the type of CB that Jeffery has shredded in his career. Jeffery will monopolize all the targets on a team that’s going to have to throw a ton to win this game.

Jarvis Landry and Julian Edelman are very similar. They are both high volume, PPR plays who serve as the #1 receiver on their team. They are safe plays because they rack up so many catches, but if they find the endzone and/or eclipse 100 yards, they are in store for massive days.

Jordan Reed in the FLEX is an interesting little play that I will discuss more in a second. Reed is clearly one of Kirk Cousins favorite targets as he saw 11 last week and had a massive day. With the injury to DeSean Jackson, more targets will be up for grabs which could bump Reed’s value even higher.

Okay, so I actually did two different strategies to help differentiate myself from the field when it comes to roster construction. You’ll notice that I rostered two tight ends. That’s a strategy that not many owners employ despite the high upside that many TEs have right now. Four of the top eight point scorers of Week 1 were TEs. They can be cheap fliers that can pay off large.

Additionally, I paired Jarvis Landry with the Dolphins defense. This is not a strategy that you can employ often, but I found a high volume WR who also returns kicks. Additionally, the Dolphins defense is one of the highest ranking of the week. Landry is a good play on his own thanks to his receiving ability, but if he breaks a punt return TD, he is going to get 6 points and so is the Dolphins defense. This increases our upside as an entire lineup.