I am happy to introduce the DFS On Demand Projections for Week 5 of the NFL! Now that we have some data for this season, I was finally able to create some projections that might help us decide who to roster.

A few things, these projections are not perfect. Quite frankly, the NFL is a very volatile sport which only has sixteen games. So just by nature, there isn’t a ton of data to evaluate and trying to predict outcomes can be extremely difficult. With that being said, I am very proud of these projections. They take into account past performance, predicted opportunity and matchup. They are VERY matchup heavy. As more games take place and things tend to average out, these should become more and more accurate. Trust me, I am just as surprised as you are to see Travis Benjamin on top of this list.

Feel free to export these and use them for whatever you wish. I will also be completely transparent with these. I will compare them to the actual point outcomes and see how I did and how to improve moving forward. Enjoy!

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