The profit share is back! For those of you who are new to the site, I like use a profit share technique to give back to the community and reward Pro Members. DraftKings is running a “Millionaire Maker” event for The Masters this week, with a first prize of…you guessed it, $1 Million.¬†I am going to enter a lineup on behalf of the site and will share all the winnings with the Pro Members. The lineup will be posted before the contest starts so that you know exactly¬†which players to support. If you want to sign up for DraftKings to play it, please use this link¬†and deposit $5 (new accounts only) We both will receive $20 entry to the event.

EDIT: Here’s the lineup!

pga profit share


Am I eligible to win?
Are you a Pro Member? If so, you are eligible to win! If not, you can still sign up here. Even if you start a 7-Day trial before April 9, you will be eligible.

When will the lineup be posted?
The lineup will be posted within the first few minutes of the contest.

How do you split the winnings?
The¬†method is TBD and depending on the amount won. If we a small amount like $30, I will probably re-invest the money back into other GPPs for the site. If it’s a few thousand, I will launch a freeroll and use the winnings as the prize pool. If it’s a large amount like $100,000, I will just send everyone a check or send it via PayPal. It will be a good problem to figure out!

For live updates about the lineup, be sure to follow me on Twitter!