There are a few teams that really stick out as being great teams to stack today. They provide a combination of hot players versus pitchers who are struggling right now. Commentary based on DraftKings strategy and scoring. Let’s get to it!

St. Louis Cardinals

The Cardinals will get the benefit of facing off with Wily Peralta today who owns the 3rd highest xFIP on the board. His lack of strikeout ability (4.82 K/9) should lead to a ton of balls in play, baserunners and eventually runs. Peralta is sporting a 6.38 ER over his last four starts surrendering nearly two baserunners per inning in that span. Peralta has faced the current members of the Cardinals quite a bit in his career and has struggled massively, with a .317 batting average against. Here’s the full list:

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My favorite plays include Matt Carpenter who has been red-hot (5 HRs in L14) and Yadiar Molina who has great career numbers off Peralta. Throw in the fact that Miller Park is a hitter’s friendly park and this is a recipe for runs in Milwaukee.

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Chicago White Sox

The White Sox are quietly red-hot, scoring the 3rd most runs in all of baseball over the L14. That’s more than the Mets, Rangers and Mariners who are all on the radar for being “hot teams”. The thing to really love is the match-up with Jeremy Guthrie who owns the second worst xFIP on the entire schedule today (only Adam Morgan is worse). Guthrie’s putrid 4.67 K/9 has led to balls being put in play and, in his case, leaving the ballpark. Guthrie is surrendering 2.08 HR/9 over the L30 which is 5th worst on the schedule.

The headline options are Adam Eaton and Melky Cabrera who are both raking lately and sport great career numbers off Jeremy Guthrie.

draftkings strategy


This isn’t a great ballpark in KC, but it’s average in terms of runs scored. Here’s your chance to buy a hot team in a great match-up.