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Well, we whiffed again in the Millionaire Maker but I am still very optimistic with the lineup. Here’s the original post. As you can see we had to make some last minute pivots. I loved the Alshon Jeffery play, he was in a prime matchup (despite what anyone thinks about Patrick Peterson) and he would have been so low owned. Here’s the lineup we ended up going with:

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 9.52.43 AM

This was such a good lineup looking back, I am really happy with it. It simply didn’t work out.

The fact that Tony Romo, who was the 3rd highest scoring QB in Week 1, was the underdog in the highest O/U game on the board was only 3.9% owned is absolutely criminal. I mentioned that his pricing was so weird, I thought that he could easily be under 10%, but I never imagined he’d be under 5%. If he goes out and scores 25+ DK points, we would have been in serious business. Unfortunately, as you probably know, he broke his collarbone and left the game early. Nothing you can do about that, injuries are unpredictable.

We paired Romo with Witten who had a nice game going in the first half. Unfortunately, Witten’s value is significantly higher with Romo under center. Witten had 9 targets in this game, 8 of them in the first half and only one after Brandon Weeden entered the game.

The Saints game was one of the weirdest of the week. We expected the Saints to be up big and game flow would indicate a ton of runs. Ingram ran well but only saw 16 carries and was not at all involved in the pass game. I thought he would easily break 25 touches, that didn’t happen and his value suffered.

I was pretty stunned to see how little Matt Forte was used. After 29 touches in Week 1, he only had 19 in Week 2. Many considered his workload would go up with the news that Jeffery wasn’t going to play. I pivoted to him in many lineups and we didn’t get nearly the production we needed.

The WRs were solid for us. It took until the last drive of the game but Matthews scored 20 DK points and saved me in many lineups. Jarvis Landry is a stud. He is a target monster, has a nose for the endzone and returns kicks. Davante Adams was a calculated risk. I knew he would be super under-owned and he was. He played more snaps than any other GB WR last week and high upside is always tremendous with Rodgers as his QB.

Jordan Reed had a nice day with his $3,700 price tag. The Redskins didn’t have to throw as much as expected, but he still had six targets and returned nearly 4x his value.

We just completely whiffed on the defense. I don’t think anyone expected the Jaguars to be as effective vs. the Dolphins as they were.

This was a pretty solid lineup for losing your starting QB and taking a zero at the defense position. You have to remember with this GPP lineups, especially as big as the MM, you have to take on risk to reap the reward. The risk bit us this week, but we will look to bounce back in Week 3. Stay tuned!