Enter The NBA Jersey Freeroll!

Enter The NBA Jersey Freeroll!

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. The first 100 people who use the sign-up form below will beĀ invited into a freeroll on DraftKings. The prize for the winning lineup is an NBA Swingman Jersey. A nice little trophy for the winning owner!

But here’s the catch! You don’t get to choose the jersey that you win. The jersey the winner will receive will be that of the highest scoring player on the winning lineup. So if Russell Westbrook is the highest scoring player in your winning lineup, that’s who you are getting. If it’s JaKarr Sampson, well…enjoy the Sampson jersey! Oh, and I choose the color! The only thing you get to pick is the size.

This should be really fun and provide a nice souvenirĀ to the winner. Choose your roster wisely!


How do I enter?
Fill out your information on the sign-up sheet below.

When is the contest?
The date and time is TBD. Once we have the participants, I will choose a date in advance and make sure everyone is aware. It will be hosted on a night with a large slate so that as many players as possible are in-play. That will likely be a Wednesday.

What if more than 100 people sign up?
I will likely need a buffer and replacements. If a private contest on DraftKings doesn’t fill, it doesn’t run. So I will have some alternates handy for those who sign up below but don’t register for the contest. Also, if this goes well and there’s a good response, it might be something we do on a regular basis.

Do I seriously not get to pick my jersey?
Seriously, you don’t. Well, I guess you do, since you enter your lineup. But after that, you have no control! An extra sweat, woohoo!